1. Where are you

From The Recordings Html


I was looking for you in the city
I was looking for you in my dreams
But every place that I’ve been to
We never had the chance to meet

I keep on chasing shadows on a long road
Where are you...?

In another dimension
Without body or mind
In a sea of eternity
We’ll leave a thousand lives behind

Until then I’m chasing shadows on this long road
Where are you…?

So many tears I’ve shed
For all the love we’ve missed
For some of the words I’ve said
That you took for a Judas kiss
But when the world looks hopeless
And everything seems lost
For all the pain I go through
The price is worth the costs
And my heart cries out to you…

I’m returning to my life
The live I need to live
And though I hear you calling me
There’s still so much I have to give…