From the recording King & the Giant


I don’t want to say that I’m sorry
I just want to say that I’ve tried
I don’t need to pick up the pieces
This sentiment has died
There was no need to understand
We gave it in your hands
We were so close we thought
That it would be the way

Share a little sight of your silver
Share a little sight of your gold
Shed a little light on our sorrows
I shiver when I look
At all those mansions of pretence
A world that makes no sense
And as the walls were built
I felt that it would never be the same

I’m in a cave and time goes by
Still searching for the reason why
You wanted me right from the start
Away away from our hearts

Man I can’t rest as time turns dead
Still living in those days we had
You’ve been my sun – my only friend
I went away away selling my care

Little by little it will get you
Little by little you will find
The air is getting just a bit colder
Coming down with rain
It's been so easy for a while
For someone with a smile
But when it started pouring all day long
I knew it was my time