From The Recordings Html


We’re living in a prison made of hype
In memory of the real thing we kick into overdrive
And dance the dance of high end politics
Turning into faceless derelicts

Welcome to the last course of the feast
Where the loudest live to steal the hard earned breadcrumbs of the least
Where empathy is just an empty phrase
And peace and love just vanished in the craze

And the world it keeps on turning
But it’s turning inside out
And everything we stood for seems to suffocate in fraud

And the barons play it easy
Still advertising fear
And it’s a long cold winter out here

I still commence to pray for love & light
As long as we keep walking through this never ending night
This omnipresent fake and make belief
Those who win will always spell out history

But the winners are not friendly
In fact they hate your guts
They rearrange your sanity and slowly drive you nuts

And the barons take it easy
Still after all those years
And it’s a long cold winter out here

And the wind is getting colder
In this desperate part of town
But the servants of the system slightly turn the truth around

Cause the system is not friendly
In fact it hates your guts
It drowns you in insanity and slowly drives you nuts

But the vessels of our patience
Are filled to overflow
Don’t want no long cold winter no more