1. Human I am

From the recording Supermihl & Superfriends Vol 2


On a warm and sunny September morning
I believe I saw this light on your face
And I felt so rich for what I was given
That someone like you has come my way

Human I am
For all that feels real
You make my world
You make me feel

Human I am
Within your name
You are my painting
And I am your frame

When the wind on your way is growing colder
And the light seems to fade from your grace
Just move on and remember our moments
When everything around you was standing still

Human I am
For all that I like
For everything good
To light up my mind

Human I am
Within your game
You are my address
And I am your name

Human I am
Human with all these stupid mistakes I know
And the fame I’m longing for
But when your world comes tumbling down
I swear I’ll be there cause
Human I am…