1. Haunt

From the recording Elevation


In the hot streak of a moment
You left the building of your own cold sanity
Not too much good will to be found
Hostility and vultures all around

And in the heat of the same moment
You didn't think this instant would extend that long
You looked a little like a clown
But your red nose made you famous around town

And when those days come back to haunt you
With all the ghosts you deemed long gone
They rearrange your home and hairdo
With the barrel of a gun

And when those same days come to haunt me
There is a whole lot to dissent
Cause all you geeks and freaks and criminals
Never been my friends

You've been the buck & penny reaper
A busy bee always collecting for yourself
Now you sit burned out by the way
Honoring your private red nose day

And some day this binge was over
And all the desperados got on their way home
The cops were looking out for you
But once again somehow you made it through

I'm sure these days days come back to haunt you...