1. Gorilla

From the recording King & the Giant


It’s later than you think says the resident
And life in general seems kind of odd
When all the polished lies that come through the pipe
Make for a nation under God

A nation in a nation
That makes retaliation
A dream so sweet we can’t get let go
So keep on pushing and pushing
Until we’re over the limit
And then pushing it all a bit more

Folks you are so detrimental
To what you deem essential
Slow down to see what we have become
It is your mad people karma
I see your days are coming
I rest inside the feeling I own

If you believe all the crap in the media
You get the feeling that it’s 1 to 12
You better rise up to the speed of the game
Bow down before the one you serve
So you must be pumping and pumping
Your muscles up
To the size of an illiterate clone

Folks you are so detrimental
To everything essential
Reach out to feel what we have become
Tell me you want it
It feels like you’re on it
It’s everything that I wouldn’t be