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The summer's over now
And the days get shorter soon
My mojo is fading like the air from a ripped balloon
A tale from the life of a shadow soon gone
Just trying to get along

Now winter's here
And I still see through these eyes
I sit here waiting - still waiting for my biggest pride
I don't mind that I'm coming of age
As long as I am on my way

It all depends on the sweat that you're willing to give
On the one chance to get even to get up or to forget it
And I'm howling at the universe
Don't let this dream/desire be gone
Cause it's the only one that turns me on

Spring has come
And I'm moving on day by day
Lord give me time for all the words I still want to say
I feel so alive while I'm holding a straight course
To the center of the universe

There ain't no rest for the ones that are willing to live
Cause the one chance trying to find you never comes again if you miss it
And I'm shouting at the universe
Take me where I need to be
Or take me out of here
To the center of the universe...