1. Aeroplane

From the recording Elevation


Hello everyone
Take a little break from the fake
In the wake of the elevation

Living to become
So shout a big goodbye at the days that are gone
Cause we need to ride on

Are really you what you want to be
Is it your belief and your creed
Or your face for the beautiful people

Changes moving on
Soon enough this world will be gone
So we better leave the light on

Faith is an aeroplane
The only way to get away
From the troubles and the pain
To an altitude where we're safe

Leaving on an aeroplane
Riding on the winds of change
And we're heading for the sun
Save and sound until the end of days

Thank you everyone
For dealing with the craze and the haze
In the maze of the elevation

We can write the songs
The soundtrack of a live we demand
From this monumental transformation

Everything we want to be
It will come to you and to me
If we have the strength to shine on